The TruHeat system can easily be installed on the roofs to prevent any ice build-up. The main advantage of the TruHeat heating system is the fact that the heating element is 0.5 mm thick, which allows you to install it under any soft roofing without having to make any structural changes of the look of the roof. The system can be used in any region, regardless of local climate conditions.

The operating voltage of the TruHeat system ranges from 5 Volts to 42 Volts which falls in the low voltage category making the system perfectly safe to be used outdoors. Not only will it be safe, the savings will also be abundant compared to other roof heating systems on the market.

By Installing the TruHeat System
You Get:


  • No icicles & glazed ice on the roof

  • Reduction of the snow load on the roof

  • Low voltage eliminates electrical hazards


  • Low energy consumption

  • Optimum working temperature of the system

  • No service or maintenance required


  • Easy to mount under roof shingles

  • Heating element is ultra robust & flexible to work with

  • System can be controlled directly from home


  • European workmanship

  • Operational lifetime of more than 50 years

  • Best solution for roofs with soft shingles

  • Makes shingles last longer

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