The TruHeat system is suitable for all finished floor types and the system takes minimal effort to be installed. To maximize the efficiency of the system we recommend a layer of thermal insulation be put down below the TruHeat tape. If sufficient installation is already installed underneath the concrete floors, then no other layer of insulation is needed. We also recommend that the TruHeat tape be covered with a fiberglass mesh and a thin layer of cement be put on top to create a heat sink. If the choice of flooring is fairly thick and the manufacturer's heat threshold rating of the floor is above 28°C (82°F), then the floor can go directly over the TruHeat tape. A TruHeat representative is always available for any installation related questions.

Typical Installation Scheme

*Thermal layer must be present under the concrete slab to ensure maximum efficiency of  the system. If thermal insulation is not present under the concrete slab then it can be placed on top of the slab to prevent the system from heating the concrete below.

*Before laying the floor directly over the TruHeat tape, check with the flooring manufacturer about the heat threshold rating.

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Recommended Subfloors / Underlayment

DriCore Subfloor

Wedi Building Panel

Amdry Thermoquiet

Recommended for Vinyl/Laminate planks of 6mm thickness or higher

Basic Installation Videos

TruHeat System installation video
TruHeat System installation video
TruHeat System installation video





Ceramic or Vinyl Floors

  1. Concrete slab

  2. Rigid thermal insulation

  3. Cement layer

  4. TruHeat tape

  5. Fiberglass mesh

  6. Thin concrete layer / Scratch coat

  7. Finished floor

Laminate Floors

  1. Floor joists

  2. Plywood subfloor

  3. Reflective film/Insulating underlay

  4. TruHeat tape

  5. Foam underlay

  6. Laminate floor

Hardwood Floors

  1. Concrete layer

  2. Thermal insulation

  3. TruHeat tape

  4. Fiberglass mesh

  5. Thin concrete layer

  6. Wood flooring

Although a concrete layer is recommended to create a heat sink, it is not mandatory in case raising the floor height is an issue. Hardwood flooring can be installed on top of the heat tape.

Driveways / Pathways 

  1. Well compacted soil

  2. Insulation (10 cm)

  3. TruHeat heating element

  4. Fiberglass tiling mesh

  5. Concrete layer

  6. Stone or asphalt

Typical Room Installation Instructions

radiant floor heating installation instructions

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