What is TruHeat aluminum underfloor heating system?

TruHeat aluminium underfloor heating system is a next generation energy saving heating system. This system uses a unique aluminum heating element which is far superior to conventional wire and hydronic based heating systems. The TruHeat's heating element is ultra durable compared to conventional heating cables and is flexible enough to be laid down under all kinds of floor. This system is robust that it can even be used outdoors under concrete as snow melting system. The percentage coverage of the area by the heating element is up to 65% of the heated area and it several times exceeds any other heating systems. Moreover the operating temperature of the system does not exceed 28-30°C and the operating voltage is from 5V to 42V. All these features make the TruHeat underfloor heating system one of the most efficient and energy saving system in the market. Due to low voltage the system is completely safe and effectively used for heating outside parking lots, paths, greenhouses or roofs during the winter period.

The TruHeat heating system is sold as a ready-made kit for premises with different sizes. Installation is a breeze as the system can be installed fairly quickly without the need for extensive contracting help. Each kit comes complete with everything you need, a detailed description and instructions for installing the system.

Is the TruHeat heating system reliable? 

Yes, the TruHeat heating system is very reliable. The average warranty period of conventional heating systems out there is 2-3 years but TruHeat surpasses this time period by providing a 20 year warranty on our patent aluminum heating element and a 5 year warranty on the system unit. Our mission is to produce a durable heating system which also allows users to enjoy a under floor heating system at very cost effective rate.

The estimated operational lifetime of the main elements of the TruHeat system:

Aluminum heating strip – over 100 years;

Toroidal transformer– over 50 years;

*Other electronic components of the system can easily be purchased  even after the warranty period.

Is it expensive to maintain the TruHeat underfloor heating system?

The TruHeat electric floor heating system does not need service or preventive maintenance after it has been installed. Besides the low power consumption, we have done everything possible to make having a radiant floor heating system as affordable than ever. This is why when calculating inputs to the heating system for your home for the next 10-15 years it turns out that the TruHeat heating system is the most convenient and efficient solution in comparison with other heating systems.

How do I calculate the needed quantity of kits for all rooms in my house?

The TruHeat system has 7 different kits, which differ in terms of capacity and heating area. Each kit is equipped with its own thermostat. It is most conveniently when there is a possibility to regulate the temperature in each room separately, in this case it is necessary to mount a separate kit in each room. Click here to see the various kits and their area coverage. A separate thermostat will allow you, for example, to turn off the heating or to significantly reduce the temperature in the room or adjust the heating program.

In case if you have several open or walk-through rooms (for example, an entrance hall, corridor, living room), then it will be more cost – efficient for you to install one kit that covers a larger square footage which will have a single thermostat for all three rooms.

*Choose the right quantity of kits depending on your heating areas and needs.

Is the TruHeat system good for DIY'ers?

Yes, the system is perfect for DIY'ers who want an affordable yet easy to install radiant floor heating system. The TruHeat system is super easy to lay down and our installation instructions take all the hassle out of on how to install the system. Click here to see the installation schemes on the TruHeat system can be perfect under your finished floor. Each TruHeat system kit comes complete with installation instructions in it.

Is underfloor heating systems harmful to health?

The TruHeat underfloor heating system is absolutely harmless, and in fact it is even quite beneficial to health because it protects you from colds, which basically starts from freezing feet.

It is considered that excessively high temperatures of the underfloor heating has negative effects on veins and the blood circulatory system. There simply isn't a point for a floor temperature to be above 34°C (93°F) which makes the floor too hot to stand on. This can be a serious problem with conventional electric floor heating systems which use wires as those systems offer maximum temperatures of 90°C (194°F) operating at a 220 Volt or 120 Volt power. The TruHeat system underfloor heating system operates at low temperatures of 28 – 30°C (82– 86°F). The temperature of floor covering generally does not exceed 26°C (79°F) which makes it an absolutely comfortable and favourable temperature even for small children. In addition, the operating voltage of the TruHeat system is only 5 – 42 Volts, which is absolutely safe for using.

Can I connect the TruHeat system to a 12V DC power?

Currently the system cannot be connected directly to a DC source. For mobile vehicle applications a power inverter must be used to convert DC voltage to AC voltage.

How much energy will the system consume?

Click here to access the energy cost calculator to see how much it will cost you to run the system per hour. Kindly note that the system does not need to run for 24 hours and the programmable thermostat gives you control on when the system should be operational.