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There is absolutely nothing that can compete with the TruHeat low voltage in-floor heating system. While the typical way to provide electric floor heating is to use high voltage cables which consume way too much energy and also bring the risk of electrical hazards. With the TruHeat system there are no wires to worry about and this means not only is our system safer, it also uses a fraction of the energy compared to wire based systems. How much less energy does the TruHeat system uses compared to cable based systems you ask? See for yourselves below in our comparison study. 

TruHeat System VS. The Competition

Based on a 100 sqft. coverage area test, the TruHeat system consumes considerably less power compared to the most popular electric heating systems out there. Not to mention the TruHeat system is the only system to not only use less Watts/Sq. Ft but also uses low voltage which makes it safer to use over the other systems. The TruHeat system also reduces installation costs since there is no need for a plastic membrane as used with the cable systems. This truly makes the TruHeat system a truly smarter way to heat your floors and not to mention the more affordable way as well.

Based On 100 Sqft. Coverage

(120 Volt Systems)

12.7 Watts / Sq. Ft.

10 Amps

12 Watts / Sq. Ft.

10 Amps

8.9 Watts / Sq. Ft.

7.6 Amps

7.5 Watts / Sq. Ft.

6.25 Amps

No Other System Comes Close

What sets the TruHeat system apart from all other systems is our patented TruHeat tape the system uses. The TruHeat tape is an aluminum alloy heating element which is 0.05 mm in thickness and 6-12 cm in width. Low voltage current is passed through the TruHeat tape to start working efficiently and effectively. Several advantages can be had by choosing the TruHeat system over the traditional floor heating systems. Read below to see how choosing the TruHeat system is truly the smarter way to heat


The TruHeat system only uses 6-7 watts per sqft. while traditional cable based systems use 12-15 watts per sqft.,  


Since the TruHeat system covers up to 65% of the floor area, this means the entire room can be heated using the system from the ground up evenly.


The traditional cable based systems use a thin copper wires which means these wires need to be heated at high temperatures to compensate the gap between them and achieve sufficient heat output. The TruHeat system's heating element uses low voltage to heat up and since the heating element is much wider than the cables there is absolutely no need to use high temperatures to achieve efficient heat output. In fact, due to low voltage utilization the TruHeat system in-floor heating system operates at temperatures of 28 – 30°C (82– 86°F). The temperature of floor covering generally does not exceed 26°C (79°F) which makes it absolutely safe even for young children.


The TruHeat tape is puncture proof, meaning even if the tape is punctured, the system will still function with no issues. In addition, the TruHeat tape is guaranteed to work for 50 years.


With the TruHeat system, installation is a breeze because the TruHeat tape can be laid down with simple planning and any type of finished floor can go directly on top of it. Click here to see installation methods.

Truly A Smarter Way To Heat

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TruHeat System In Use

TruHeat System installation video
TruHeat System installation video
TruHeat System installation video

Get To Know The TruHeat System

TruHeat Tape

  • Easy to lay down

  • Can be nailed through

  • Works on low voltage

  • Does not raise floor height

  • Ultra durable

Control Unit & Low Voltage Transformer

  • Easy to mount

  • Industrial strength box

  • High efficiency toroidal transformer

  • Ultra low mechanical hum (virtually none)

  • Low magnetic field

  • Compatible with all SMART thermostats

  • 6 adjustable switching settings

  • Heat room at desired dates and times

  • Economy and Comfort mode

  • Does not raise floor height

  • Ultra durable

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The TruHeat system is so versatile that it can be used for many other applications. This system can also be installed outdoors to keep driveways/pathways free of ice and snow, used in commercial applications as a primary heat source, for roof de-icing applications, and in greenhouses. There simply no other electric heating system unlike the TruHeat electrical heating system out there. Click the buttons below to learn more. 

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