The TruHeat low voltage heating system is the best solution for your business or commercial premises allowing you to achieve warmer floors with lower costs. The system can also be used as a primary heating source in commercial properties without the use of other heat sources. The flexible heating element can be installed directly under concrete with great ease and provides long lasting service time.

The operating voltage of the TruHeat system ranges from 5 Volts to 42 Volts which falls in the low voltage category making the system perfectly safe to be used on commercial premises. Not only will it be safe, the savings will also be abundant compared to other outdoor heating systems on the market.

By Installing the TruHeat System
You Get:


  • Low heating costs

  • No boiler room

  • No maintenance service required


  • No gas connection needed

  • Easy energy consumption control via meter

  • Customized temperature modes


  • Constant warm floors

  • Modern control unit

  • Prevent air dryness inside the building

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